Some of our neighbors supporting Dan Heintz for a second term: 


Janine Boyd, District 9, Ohio House of Representatives

Cheryl Stephens, Vice President of Cuyahoga County Council

Michael Dylan Brennan, Mayor of University Heights

Melody Joy Hart, Cleveland Heights City Council

Michael Ungar, Cleveland Heights City Council


“Dan is a tireless advocate on behalf of Ohio’s students, teachers, school districts and taxpayers.”

  • Bill Phillis former Assistant Superintendent of Ohio Public Education

“It is a distinct honor and privilege to offer my personal and professional endorsement of Dan Heintz in his pursuit of a second term on the CHUH Board of Education. I have known Dan for 30 years and know him to be a smart, passionate and caring public servant whose dedication to public education, the students, and their families is unrivaled. Dan is exactly the kind of voice the community needs to bring about the healing and hope we all seek. With a smile on his face and love in his heart, Dan works tirelessly for the benefit of all. We couldn’t ask for a finer representative.”

  • Rabbi Andrew M. Paley   CHHS c/o 1986

“I have been in education for over 25 years as a teacher, assistant principal, director and now central office administrator and there are very few people I have met who would be a better representative on the CHUH School Board than Dan Heintz. He is smart, passionate, engaging and an excellent listener. He will hear you and collaborate with school officials to bring out the best in everyone. I wholeheartedly endorse Dan Heintz for a second term and I hope you will, too.”

– Sam KleinCHHS c/o 1985

“Dan Heintz was prepared four years ago, and thank heaven we’ve had him throughout the COVID crisis. The safety of our children always come first with him. He has my enthusiastic support, now more than ever. Join me in voting for another term for Dan Heintz!

– Greg Passov CHHS c/o 1986

“Having been Chief of Operations for some of the largest school districts in the country, I know the critical importance of having an elected board that has direct experience with what it takes to run a school system. Dan Heintz is one of the most qualified candidates to run for school board that I have ever known. In addition to Dan’s teaching experience, he values the importance of operational priorities to ensure a safe learning environment through security and training. We’ve all seen this with the Board’s excellent response to COVID. The Cleveland Heights  – University Heights community should return Dan Heintz to the Board of Education.

Michael Eugene  CHHS c/o 1985


“I have known Dan Heintz for over 30 years and I am proud to endorse him for another term on the CH-UH Board of Education. He has brought the intellect, the leadership, the heart and the passion that the have been so needed in the past 18 months.  Dan is a difference maker.

Steve Tucker

Harriet Applegate

Marty Gelfand

Tiera Briggs

Eric Coble

Reginald T. Evans

Sheldon Glave

Lita Gonzales & Mark Phillips

Joy Henderson

Michael Herschman

Jennifer Shriver Lang

Wendy Leatherberry

Eve McPherson

Earl Pike & Elizabeth Klein

Brendan Ring

Melissa & Jeff Rink

Liz Shriver

Joan Spoerl

David & Saroya Queen Tabor

Andrea Turner

Pamela Kelly & Bruce Tyler

Jan & Bill Resseger

Maureen O’Malley Weigand

Mary Alice Conkey

Leah Schneider

Jennifer Lang

Ian Lewis

Laurie Hogan Lally

Rachel Fisher Begley

Skip Begley

Scott Jackson

Matt Weigand

Jennifer Merritt

Annie (Esper) Scott

Denise (Spaven) Davis

Johanna Keenan-Henz

Maggie Keenan

Kathryn Edelman

Michael Herschman

Alison Battaglia

 Evie Petroff

Allen Herner

Keesha Allen

Jeff Whitmore

Wendy Fabiny Bartolovich

Maggie Cook

Tammy & Rob Segulin

Stacy Magee

John Burke