Hello Friends,

Thank you for taking the first step toward supporting our campaign! As of June 26th, seven people have taken out petitions to run for the three seats on our School Board. This is GREAT news! We believe that every voice is important, and that our students benefit by having so many dedicated people willing to serve. However, the large field of candidates does make winning a seat on the Board of Education more expensive. Lawn signs alone cost $4.63 a piece! Once you price out the rest of our printing, postage, social media & print ads, etc., our campaign will need to raise in the neighborhood of $8,000. As a result, every penny that you are generous enough to share will be sincerely appreciated and thoughtfully invested.

*** One more thing: PLEASE fill in the “Shipping Address” section of the donation form. We need this information in order to comply with the important campaign finance regulations. ***

Thanks again!